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Contacts - can you wear them? Yes!

Even if you need bifocals or have astigmatism, neither of these conditions will prevent us from finding you the perfect pair of contacts! Stop in for a consultation today!

Color contact lenses | Jemison, AL | Jemison Eye Care LLC | 205-688-1010

Contacts! Contacts! Read all about them!

Contact lenses never seem to make headlines, so you probably still have lingering questions about them and whether or not they're right for you. All your answers can be found here! Read further to learn more about the new options for contact lenses and all your exciting options.

How can people with astigmatism wear contacts?
One of the most common reasons people think they cannot wear contacts is astigmatism. In recent years this has become much less of a problem. There have been advancements in contact lenses for astigmatism. Any person with mild to moderate astigmatism can wear disposable contacts.

Even people with large amounts of astigmatism can now wear some brands of disposable and conventional types, too. I usually recommend the disposable contacts, if possible, because they are much easier to care for and clean.

How can people with bifocals wear contacts?
There have also been new products introduced for people with bifocals. One new bifocal contact came onto the market in February of this year and has been very successful in many patients who had previously been unable to wear contacts.

Another option for many bifocal wearers is monovision. This is where the dominant eye is fit for distance vision and the non-dominant eye is fit for reading. This works well in a large number of people and is less expensive than bifocal contacts.

Contacts have always been uncomfortable for me. What are my options?
Many other people have given up on contacts because of discomfort and dryness. One lens that has made a large difference in this is the Acuvue Advance that was released this year. It has been a very comfortable lens for patients. It has been launched in the most common powers and will be expanded in the next months.

There are other new products on the market for dryness problems. Several companies have reformulated their lubrication drops to be used with contact lenses. These advances have made it possible to wear contacts more comfortably.

I'd like to change the color of my eyes. How can I do that with contacts?
Many people enjoy changing their look with colored contacts. Many people like being able to change their eye color to suit their mood or outfit. You can make a dramatic change like brown to blue with opaque contacts or just enhance the color you have. It is fun way to make a change whether or not you need correction.

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